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Can you be emo?

Sorry, the answer is NO

Emo does not stand or emotional. Emo isn't that whiney rich kid in your algebra class who whines about how much his life sucks. Emo isn't that shit you see in Hot Topic or on MTV. Emo isn't My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional or Bright Eyes. Emo is not a mindset. Emo is not a person, or type of person. Emo is not a corporate trend. Emo is not tight pants or moronic hair. Emo is not a fashion. "Emo" is not the use of diluted, meaningless metaphors and similes such as "My arms are like pinecones," and most definitely is not the rampant use of words such as "autumn," "heart," "knife," "bleeding," "leaves," and "razorblade." Emo is not cutting your wrists because your girlfriend dumped you and your mother wouldn't stir your chocolate milk. Emo is not bad music.

Emo is the term used for an underground movement of music in the mid-80's through the early-90's. What does emo mean? Emo is emotionally charged hardcore punk rock or "emotive hardcore". It is simply just a subgenre of hardcore. (Hardcore punk meaning bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Black Flag, FEAR, etc.) In the original incarnation, the term emo was coined to describe the sound of (Washington) DC area bands such as Rites of Spring, Embrace (Ian MacKaye's transitional band after Minor Threat and before Fugazi), Dag Nasty, One Last Wish, Moss Icon, Grey Matter, and Fire Party, Rites of Spring being the first actual emo band. Most of these bands sound nothing like today's "emo".

In 1985 in Washington, D.C., Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto, veterans of the DC hardcore music scene, decided to shift away from what they saw as the constraints of the basic style of hardcore and the escalating violence within the scene. They took their music in a more personal direction with a far greater sense of experimentation, bringing forth MacKaye's Embrace and Picciotto's Rites of Spring. The style of music developed by Embrace and Rites of Spring soon became its own sound. (Hsker D's 1984 album Zen Arcade is often cited as a major influence for the new sound.) As a result of the renewed spirit of experimentation and musical innovation that developed the new scene, the summer of 1985 soon came to be known in the scene as "Revolution Summer".

Within a short time, the DC emo sound began to influence other bands such as Moss Icon, Nation of Ulysses, Dag Nasty, Shudder To Think, Fire Party, Marginal Man, and Gray Matter, many of which were released on MacKaye's Dischord Records. The original wave of DC emo finally ended in late 1994 with the collapse of Hoover.

Where the term emo actually originated is uncertain, but members of Rites of Spring mentioned in a 1985 interview in Flipside Magazine that some of their fans had started using the term to describe their music. By the early 90s, it was not uncommon for the early DC scene to be referred to as emo-core, though it's unclear when the term shifted.

As the DC scene expanded, other scenes began to develop with a similar sound. In San Diego in the early 1990s, Gravity Records released a number of records in the hardcore emo style. Bands of the period included Heroin, Indian Summer, Angel Hair, Antioch Arrow, Universal Order of Armageddon, Swing Kids, and Mohinder. At the same time, in the New York/New Jersey era, bands such as Native Nod, Merel, 1.6 Band, Rye Coalition and Rorschach were feeling the same impulse. Many of these bands were involved with the ABC No Rio club scene in New York, itself a response to the violence and stagnation in the scene and with the bands that played at CBGBs, the only other small venue for hardcore in New York at the time. Much of this wave of emo, particularly the San Diego scene, began to shift towards a more chaotic and aggressive form of emo, nicknamed screamo.

By and large, the more hardcore style of emo began to fade as many of the early era groups disbanded. Even still, a handful of modern bands continue to reflect emo's hardcore origins, including Circle Takes the Square, Hot Cross, City of Caterpillar, Funeral Diner, and A Day in Black and White.

Back in DC, following the disbanding of both Rites of Spring and Embrace, MacKaye and Picciotto decided to join forces in a new band, called Fugazi. While Fugazi itself was not categorized as emo, the music it created would soon influence the second major wave of emo.

Emo, and it's various incarnations, is very good underground music if you're a fan of raw, aggressive, fast-paced music with introspective lyrics. Emo is NOT bad music! Generally, if you're a fan of punk rock, hardcore, indie, or even grindcore or metal, you'll probably like emo/screamo.

Today, the words "emo" and "screamo" are often (incorrectly) used on bands like Dashboard Confessional, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu, the Used, and Bright Eyes. (Bright Eyes, has nothing to do with emo, they're a folk-indie rock band.) The other bands, however, are nothing more than pop music or mallcore (which is pop music itself in a more "br00tal" form). The labels "emo" and "screamo" are slapped onto almost every teeny-bopper pop band with "angst-ridden" lyrics and members that are "so HAWT LOLZ" by the three M's: the Music industry, the Media, and MTV. They all have the same basic formula and sound with a couple different variations. Most of these bands have nothing to do with hardcore, punk, or emo music at all. Also, emo is used to describe a lot of a "depressed" kids that cut. These kids aren't emo, they're just retarded attention-whores for the most part. If you want to insult someone who claims to be "emo", the most appropriate names for these corporate cock-sucking zombies, are "scenesters" or "scene kids". So in conclusion,

This is not emo

This is emo

List of True Emo Bands
Rites of Spring
Embrace (US band, not the UK brit-pop band)
Gray Matter
Dag Nasty
Hot Water Music
Split Lip(same band as Chamberlain)
Chamberlain(same band as Split Lip)
Kerosene 454
Moss Icon
The Hated
Silver Bearings
Native Nod
Indian Summer
Navio Forge
Still Life
Policy of 3
Clikatat Ikatowi
Maximillian Colby
Ordination of Aaron
Four Hundred Years
Antioch Arrow
Reach Out
Portaits of Past
Assfactor 4
Second Story Window
End of the Line
Angel Hair
Swing Kids
Three Studies for a Crucifixion
John Henry West
Sunny Day Real Estate
Christie Front Drive
Promise Ring
Boys Life
Get-Up Kids
Cap'n Jazz
Funeral Diner
Circle Takes The Square
A Day in Black and White
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse
Air Conditioning
Amanda Woodward
Breather Resist
Hot Cross
Melt Banana
North of America
Off Minor
Gun Metal Gray
I Hate Myself
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
City Of Caterpillar
The Kodan Armada

NOT Emo:
All-American Rejects
As I Lay Dying
Avril Lavigne
Billy Talent(What talent?)
Blink 182
Bowling For Soup
Brand New
Coheed & Cambria
Dashboard Confessional
Early November
Fall Out Boy
From Autumn to Ashes
From First to Last
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Hawthorne Heights
Haste the Day
Linkin Park
Matchbox Romance
My American Heart
My Chemical Romance
New Found Glory
Saves the Day
Senses Fail
Simple Plan
Something Corporate
Starting Line
Story of the Year
Sum 41
Taking Back Sunday
Test Icicles

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BordsteinBlume / Website (18.12.06 18:51)
um was für eine arbeit und test handelt es sich denn?

danke (: <333

vicky / Website (18.12.06 21:26)
ja man hängt voll durch und is ja mal zu gar nichts zu gebrauchen.. liebe grüße

Mrs.Unecht / Website (18.12.06 21:59)
Ist das dein Myspace Profil da unten?

Mrs.Unecht / Website (18.12.06 22:02)
Argh tut mir leid ich weiß nichts gescheites zu schreiben xD''

nunja. ehm. ja. müde & so >.<

r0ck.x3 / Website (19.12.06 14:42)
Taq' Madame <3
Alles fit, soweit? o.0 Bei mir is irnwie alles okai. Hab Rewe auch nich verhaun' -st0lz- Hmm. Wie war dein Tag heute soo? Hast ja gestern wohl nicht mehr viel gemacht, was?
Öhm ne, mein Schatz findet das auch nicht in Ordnung, wenn ich dann vorm PC hock'. Stell den dann immer vorher schon aus. Schon was für's WE geplant, außer Weihnachten natürlich?


# Versagerkind / Website (19.12.06 15:28)
Guten Tag (:
Na wie geht's dir?
Muss gleich 'weiter', komische Erörterung schreiben bla. Ich mag Schule net.
Viel Glück bei deinem Test morgen btw. (:

Lg <3

r0ck.x3 / Website (19.12.06 20:42)
Huhu :]
Irnwie hassu dein Namen & soh vergessen :x
Ähm.. Ja, weiß noch nich. Samstag muss ich erstmal Geschenke kaufen. Wollt' mit meim' Schatz auch nochmal los :x Hab grad mal 2 von 6 >.< Aber naja.. Was sollsh machen, wenns anders nich geht?! xD
Höhö, allein zu Haus' hocken is immer gammelig, aber naja. Muss auch mal sein, wenn man keine Lust hat oder so :'D

Mrs.Unecht / Website (19.12.06 22:55)
Okay dann hab ich dich mal bei Myspace geaddet (:

->Wieso will nur alle Welt emo sein?!

evih / Website (20.12.06 10:43)
hey dein space is ja voll tollig ^-^
ganz schöner eintrag o0
aber hey wie gehts dir? ^^
hab mich iwie länger nich gemeldet o0
liegt entlich schnee bei euch? :b

Madame.x3 / Website (20.12.06 17:25)
Ja, konnt ich mir denken, wegen dem:
..freitag werd ich wahrscheinlich wieder ins bollwerk gehn xD - also die disco wo ich eigentlich nie wieder hin wollte.. Hehe. Aber mir fehlen halt noch ein paar.. :x Wie viele brauchst du denn? o.0 & wie gehts dir soo?

Knoppers.kind* / Website (3.2.07 15:18)
uii was ein hammerlanger entry 0: xD

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